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Democrats use Iowa caucuses to hit up donors yet again

Several of the leading Democrats have sent out fundraising letters to their supporters this morning, using today’s caucuses as a chance to get them to donate. Here are a few samples:

Bernie Sanders

As has been his message throughout the campaign, Sanders is emphasising the number of small donations he’s received from a wide range of contributors. He is telling donors that the campaign wants to hit a total of 75,000 donations before the caucuses get underway at 7pm:

We have set a difficult goal of reaching 75,000 donations before tonight’s caucus begins and still need a lot more contributions to reach our goal. Help us send a message to the political establishment and the corporate media that we are in a strong position to take on anything that comes next and that ours is the grassroots campaign that will defeat Trump.

Joe Biden

Biden is, somewhat surprisingly, casting himself as an underdog, perhaps trying to take advantage of Sanders’ recent surge in the polls. He says he’s trying to raise $500,000 by tonight, insisting “we’re being outspent by our opponents”:

We’re being outspent by our opponents. We’re being attacked for these convictions. So my team set a goal to raise $500,000 by tonight, and we’re just a bit short. Can you pitch in $5 right now to help us compete when we need it the most?

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is going a bit generic, just using the caucuses to urge her supporters to donate. Unlike Biden or Sanders, she is not setting some special goal for the night and just urges contributors to pony up before the voting begins:

[I]f you’ve been waiting for a time to donate, now is the moment. We’re almost out of time before the caucuses, and every dollar goes directly into making sure that we’re set up for success in Iowa and beyond.

Pete Buttigieg

Like Warren, Buttigieg’s letter contains is more of a generic appeal. He says he’s looking beyond Iowa and wants to make sure he’s sufficiently resourced for the next primaries, and arguing that he is the best positioned candidate to take on Donald Trump — a nod to the “electability” issue that has come to dominate in Democratic voters’ minds.:

We’ll need resources and support to keep up our momentum past Iowa. So first, if you know anybody in Iowa, now is the time to call them and make sure they’re caucusing tonight to help turn the page to what must come next. And then, if you can, please chip in $10 to help us sprint across the finish line in Iowa, and turn toward New Hampshire in just eight days.

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