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The Kroger Co.: “It’s a tough one. I’ll tell you why it’s so tough: because you’re up against Amazon and Walmart and you’re up against Target. It’s too much. Uncle! I’m gonna have to say Uncle when it comes to Kroger. Uncle Kroger.”

Akamai Technologies Inc.: “The comeback continues with Akamai. They’ve got the best technology, now they have really good management. I’m gonna say [buy].”

Office Properties Income Trust: “It’s got too big a yield. I’m worried about it. When I see that kind of 8% yield, it makes me think ‘wait a second. Maybe there should be a red flag thrown until we find out more.”

Nokia Corp.: “They really did fail to deliver. I think you’ll have to go with Ericcson. Ericcson’s a better bet. Let’s do that.”

Las Vegas Sands Corp.: “It is a buy, buy, buy. I think it’s absolutely teriffic. Don’t forget: It has got a very good and solid yield – 4.5% while you’re being paid away.”

LyondellBasell Industries NV: “I prefer to see you in Dow Chemcila ’cause if you’re gonna be in that business … you might as well own Dow ’cause you get a 5% yield, it’s a little bit better.”

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