Coronavirus latest: China’s Hubei province reports almost 2,000 new cases

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Cries of despair from ground zero of coronavirus outbreak

A video of a distressed woman in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, banging a gong and wailing for help after her sick mother was denied a hospital bed is one of countless horror stories emerging as the city struggles to cope with the health crisis.

With hospitals overrun by patients, some in Wuhan have become so desperate for treatment they are posting their medical histories online on Weibo, the Chinese microblogging platform, in the hope authorities will offer them help. At the end of January, Weibo started a “Pneumonia Victims Seeking Help” forum, which featured over 1,400 posts and had 542,000 followers as of Friday.

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EmoticonChina national coronavirus death toll reaches 1,770

China reported a total of 1,770 deaths from coronavirus to the end of Sunday, with 100 of the 105 new fatalities recorded in Hubei, the centre of the outbreak, the National Health Commission said. There were 2,048 new cases of the virus, taking the number of cases to 70,548.

Xi Jinping knew of coronavirus earlier than previously thought

President Xi Xinping issued orders to contain the deadly coronavirus outbreak almost two weeks earlier than previously reported, according to an account that appears to contradict a previous narrative that laid the blame on local officials for allowing the virus to spread.

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Mr Xi met the Communist party’s most powerful decision-making body on January 7 and gave instructions on virus response, 13 days before the public was warned about the outbreak’s severity, according to an account from party magazine Qiushi.

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Hubei reports 100 new coronavirus deaths

China’s Hubei province, the centre of the Covid-19 outbreak, reported 100 new deaths from the virus to the end of Sunday, taking the number of deaths in the province to 1,696. There were 1,933 new cases, up from 1,843 a day earlier.