Construction workers attend the launch ceremony for the second batch constructions for the Hainan Free Trade Port in Hainan province on July 13. [Photo/Xinhainan app]

A total of 121 projects in 18 cities and counties (districts) in Hainan province have been rolled out to build the Hainan Free Trade Port, said on Monday.

The investment for the projects or the second batch construction for the free trade port is worth 28.1 billion yuan ($4.02 billion), 5.9 billion yuan of which will be invested this year.

Projects such as Xiaochantan Dock of Yangpu Port for facilitating free trade, Yalongwan Rose Town for forging international tourism center, and water conservancy facilities at the Nanfan base for developing tropical agriculture are included.

There is one project with an investment higher than 3 billion yuan, reaching 3.7 billion yuan, claiming a 13 percent share of the total investment of the second batch construction. Three projects are with an investment between 1 to 3 billion yuan, a total sum of 5.2 billion yuan, accounting for 19 percent of the investment. Fifty-two have investment scale at 100 million to 1 billion yuan, with a sum of 16.7 billion yuan, accounting for 59 percent of the total investment. The rest 65 projects need a sum investment at 2.5 billion yuan with each project below 100 million yuan, accounting for 9 percent of total investment.

As many as 44 projects belong to the industrial development, with an investment of 18.6 billion yuan, accounting for 66 percent of the total investment, 35 projects belong to the infrastructure upgrade, with a sum investment of 5 billion yuan, 18 percent of the total investment, and 42 projects are for public service, with a sum investment of 4.5 billion yuan, up to 16 percent of the total investment.

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Via China Daily