A photo shows the view of CBD area in downtown Beijing, China. [Photo/Sipa]

BEIJING — Chinese Vice-Premier Han Zheng on Wednesday called for efforts to improve the business environment during a meeting on transforming government functions and deepening reforms to streamline administration, delegate power and improve regulation and services.

The transformation and reforms should always aim at the goal of giving full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and letting the government play its role better, said Han.

Problems, such as reluctance to delegate power and lack of relevant policies, should be solved with no efforts spared to unleash market vitality and public creativity to the utmost, he said.

Priorities should be given to helping market entities tide over difficulties, Han stressed, adding that relevant preferential policies should be fully delivered.

The reform of separating business licenses from administrative permits should be promoted nationwide, he said.

Han also noted that the country should make supervision more effective by leveraging the internet and big data, and encourage data sharing to improve government services.

Via China Daily

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