Via China Daily


BEIJING — “China will fight to the end if the United States continues to escalate trade frictions,” the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.

China will not give ground on issues of principle during bilateral economic and trade talks, which are clearly stated in a white paper on bilateral trade consultations issued earlier this month, MOC spokesperson Gao Feng told a press conference.

In response to the new threat of tarrifs by the United States, Gao said China is firmly against US unilateralism and bullying.

“China’s stance on trade war has been consistent and clear. We do not want, but is not afraid of a trade war.

The United States has taken a practice of maximum pressure and continuously escalated trade frictions, causing serious setbacks in the China-US trade talks, according to Gao. “The United States is entirely to blame.”

“China’s attitude is very clear. The United States must change its attitude, show sincerity and correct its wrong practices if it wants the talks to continue,” Gao said.

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