Via Google Blog

Android champions employee privacy with the work profile, and in Android 11 we’re bringing the same work profile privacy protections from personally-owned devices to company-owned devices as well. Privacy is an expectation for employees and IT decision makers alike: a new Omdia research survey of 700 IT decision makers found that 80 percent of respondents believed personal data should be kept private from IT on a company-owned device. 

To better support company-owned devices, the work profile now offers device controls like asset management tools and personal usage policies that give IT the ability to keep devices compliant with corporate policy without compromising employee privacy. And regardless of who owns the device, industry-leading data separation and security controls help ensure work data is secure in the work profile. To learn more, read our new work profile security paper.

To give employees more information about their location privacy, we’ve added a new notification whenever their IT admin grants location access to work apps. We’ve also enhanced our agreements with device manufacturers to help ensure all work profile privacy protections are reliably enforced. 

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