Car bomb kills 17 near Syrian border city – Turkish Defense Ministry

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Via RT

A car bomb attack by the Kurdish YPG militia has killed 17 people and wounded at least 20 in outside Ras al-Ain in Syria, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry.

The blast rocked a small village of Tel Halef, just outside a major city on Syria’s border with Turkey and Ankara slammed the YPG – a Kurdish group it considers terrorist – for “continuing its car bombings aimed at civilians” in a tweet.

Footage and photos appearing to show the aftermath of the blast depicts scattered fires, people running and victims lying on makeshift stretchers.  

It is the second major car bomb explosion near the border in the past week, with another detonating on Saturday in the town of Tell Abyad, killing 10 and leaving 25 wounded.

Turkey launched a military operation last month to push Kurdish militias back from its Syrian border and create a 30km “safe zone” to resettle Syrian refugees. Russia and Turkey have since been conducting joint patrols along the border region, while the Syrian army has gained access to other areas previously occupied by the US-backed Kurds.

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