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Several Hong Kong protesters have fallen victim to their own petrol bombs amid clashes with riot police. Disturbing videos show demonstrators engulfed in flames as their panicked comrades try to help.

Petrol bombs have become a key weapon in the demonstrators’ arsenal, but the improvised incendiary devices don’t always hit their intended target. One video appears to show a protester enveloped in flames, after a petrol bomb misfired. The activist falls to the ground as bystanders scream. Protesters rush to his aid as they try to put out the flames using umbrellas.

Another graphic video shows a demonstrator throwing a petrol bomb at a building, only for the flames to fall on fellow activist standing nearby. Covered in flames, the activist runs away as umbrella-wielding comrades scramble to help him.

A similar mishap involving Molotov cocktails was captured on video during a standoff between protesters and police. Manning an improvised barricade, the clip appears to show flames from a petrol bomb landing directly on a group of demonstrators. Several people are seen trying to escape the flames as the group abandon their post and flee the scene.

The city is reeling from increasingly violent anti-China protests that began six months ago. Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam has condemned the demonstrators as “the people’s enemy” who are “relentlessly destroying society.” A days-long clash between activists and police at the Polytechnic University ended on Tuesday with more than 400 arrests.

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