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Even after the Mueller report confirmed ‘conspiratorial’ allegations levied by critics of the American Deep State that the FBI’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion was based on specious FISA warrants, the drunken ramblings of George Papadopoulos and the discredited, Democrat-financed and (ironically) Russia-assisted ‘Steele Dossier’, Obama-era intelligence officials have continued to insist that Trump’s criticisms of the intelligence community are rooted in nothing but his own lust for power and self-preservation.

And even though operatives like Peter Strzok haven’t exactly jumped to answer more questions about the early days of the investigation, and the appearance of deep-seated anti-Trump biases among the investigators, John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA director, who has had his security clearance revoked and being exposed for lying to Congress, continue to insist that a “continued investigation” would clear them of any suspicion – which sounds great if it weren’t for the fact that Mueller’s own conclusions found no evidence of collusion or evidence that Trump successfully obstructed justice, regardless of what he may or may not have told White House lawyers and aides.

So, after Trump lashed out at Brennan during a Thursday interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Brennan, a favorite of cable news show producers, appeared on his favorite cable news channel, MSNBC, where he is a paid contributor, to rebut the claims.

In another rambling interview, Brennan bashed Trump’s “sociopathic” ramblings about the “coup” as self-serving nonsense. But didn’t exactly offer up any actual evidence to rebut these claims.

“I don’t think it’s surprising at all that we continue to hear the sociopathic ramblings of Mr. Trump claiming that there was this effort to try to prevent him from being elected or to unseat him,” Brennan said.

“I welcome any type of, you know, continued investigation in terms of what we did during that period of time when we were in government,” he continued. “And I’ve testified in front of Congress, and I’d be happy to do it again.”

For context, Trump told Hannity that the Mueller probe was a conspiracy against his administration that was “bigger than Watergate.” During the interview, Trump called out Brennan by name, as well as James Comey, James Clapper and Andrew McCabe.

“This was a coup. This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government,” Trump said. “Bigger than Watergate, because it means so much. This was a coup. This wasn’t stealing information from an office in the Watergate apartments, this was an attempted coup.”

Of course, Brennan failed to acknowledge the fact that the FBI literally installed a paid asset, Stefan Halper, to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

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But if, as Brennan says, the intelligence community would welcome an investigation into what exactly motivated the Mueller probe, then what’s the problem? Maybe Brennan and others could volunteer to appear in front of Congress, and save them the Democrats the trouble and political backlash from subpeona-ing the ‘good guys’?