A new poll that the extremely Islam critical party “Stram Kurs” may end up in Parliament in the coming election. At the same time, blue block receives the least support during this entire term.

For the first time, a poll gives an idea of ​​how much support is being given to the extreme Islam-critical party Stram Kurs, which will be on the ballot paper of the upcoming election.

The poll was made by Megafon for TV 2 and Politiken and gives the party 2.7 percent of the votes. The statistical uncertainty is +/- 1.1 percent. So, according to the poll, Stram Kurs would probably get between 1.6 and 3.8 percent of the votes if there were elections tomorrow.

Rasmus Paludan is notorious for his strongly Islamic-critical attitudes and burns of the Qur’an.

Photo: Rasmus Paludan with the Qur’an which he wraps in bacon and burns at his demonstrations


According to the head of the quantitative department at Megafon, Casper O. Jensen, however, a number of reservations must be made regarding the poll.

  • It is worth emphasizing that this is a very snapshot, and that the current distribution is far more sensitive to fluctuations than is the case with established parties. This is because all the party’s voters are by nature newcomers. Tight Courses do not have a hard base of nuclear voters, which span a safety net below them in relation to the barrier limit, says Casper O. Jensen.

Stram Kurs, and especially Rasmus Paludan, have in recent weeks gained massive publicity – among other things as a result of unrest in connection with Paludan’s demonstrations, and the fact that the party in record speed has collected the required number of voter declarations to be set up.

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The measurement from Megafon is also the first measurement that has directly included Stram Kurs, and therefore there are not yet measurements from other opinion polling institutions to compare with. Election research shows that there is generally great uncertainty associated with measuring on completely new batches.

According to the Ministry, Stram Kurs has collected 21,612 voter statements, ie more than the required 20.109.

DF stands to lose more than a third

Especially the Danish People’s Party is badly in the measurement from Megaphone. Just 12.6 percent of the votes – corresponding to 23 seats – would, according to Megafon, get the party if there were elections tomorrow.

If the measurement is for believers, the party of Kristian Thules Dahls has lost more than one-third of the voters who ticked list O in the election in 2015. Here DF got 21.1 percent of the votes and became the second largest party in the Folketing.


Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s (V) chances of regaining power will at the same time be ever smaller. The measurement thus gives the lowest support to the parties in blue block throughout this term.

When the voting issue is included, the parties who have announced in advance that they are pointing to the Left President stand at just 41.9 percent of the vote. Converted to mandates, it’s just 74.

Rasmus Paludan has announced that he is pointing to himself as prime minister.