Updated 15.00

  • Press conference is starting.
  • It is a challenge for the police as the threat is aimed at Aalborg Technical College, which consists of many buildings on many locations.
  • Police has ended the search at Friis shopping center without finding anything. The shopping center is once again opened.
  • It is too early to determine when the tech college can open up for the pupils and teachers again.
  • Many people feel the police is too reluctant to share information during the event. The police is updating via website and twitter profiles.
  • This kind of threat ignites considerable police efforts and capacity
  • The search in the remaining buildings continue
  • The short press briefing is over

Updated 13.30

The police informs that a new press conference is planner at 15.00 local time. We Will report from there.

Updated 13.00
The police has informed that the National Defense’s detonation unit has been called to the area. Apparently there must be a credible threat.

Schools and the Shopping center is still closed down. Chief Police Inspector Ole Kristensen urges the public to stay calm and quietly follow our instructions.

Updated 10.10 am


The police consider there is a substantial threat. Police is assessing the situation on each site. The police has no indication that the threat is not a serious threat yet. They are following the situation very closely and IT experts try to find the email senders.

Politiet er massivt til stede over hele Aalborg med person og hunde.

Nordjyllands Politi has received thursday morning a report on a bomb threat targeting the Tech College in Aalborg including Aalborg Technical Gymnasium and Friis shopping mall in Aalborg. Aalborg is the third largest city in Denmark.

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According to reports, police is massively represented heavy armed on the sites.

The police has confirmed the threats but has for now not any further comments.

Vi får i øjeblikket rigtig mange spørgsmål om bombetruslen mod skoler i Aalborg. Det er forståeligt! Vi arbejder på højtryk for at informere. #politidk— Nordjyllands Politi (@NjylPoliti) 25. april 2019

The police has just informed they will conduct a press conference at 10.00 local time. Meanwhile they inform that the threat is received my email.

Following adresses have been evacuated:

Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium

Øster Uttrup Vej 1, 9000 Aalborg
Øster Uttrup Vej 5, 9000 Aalborg


Rørdalsvej 10, 9000 Aalborg
Nyhavnsgade 14, 9000 Aalborg
Struervej 70, 9220 Aalborg Øst
Sigrid Undsets Vej 3, 9220 Aalborg Øst
Teglværket 2, 9400 Nørresundby