Koran Burning May Lead To New Mohammed Crisis In Denmark According To Former PET Chief

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Rasmus Paludan’s demonstrations, where Korans are burnt tied into bacon, and Muslims smeared, can not only pose a threat to himself, but also to the whole of Denmark’s security according to an interview with Ekstrabladet.

Rasmus Paludan’s demonstrations recently at Nørrebro in Copenhagen facilitated huge riots and severe damages and fires on buildings and cars. Nørrebro is an infamous area of Copenhagen with a high population density of people with immigrant background, high unemployment and severe social problems. The current gang shootings between the immigration gang Loyal To Familia (LTF) and other gangs in the recent year has also its starting point at Nørrebro. Below video of the recent demonstration and crashes between Rasmus Paludan and counter demonstrators.

Paludan demonstration at Nørrebro Copenhagen

Former PET Chief Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen compares the situation with the Mohammed crisis where Jyllandsposten (danish newspaper) brought the controversial drawings of Mohammed. At that time there were cartoons that caused the Arab world to ignite.

  • Today we see something that is much worse, namely that the Koran, which is the most holy, is maligned in every possible way, says Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, who himself was the head of PET during the Mohammed crisis.

Jyllands-Posten published the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad on September 30, 2005. Only in January of the following year, people in Arab countries began to walk on the streets, culminating in an attack on the Danish embassy on 4 February.

  • There was a very long ignition before the extremist groups caught sight of it and began to react. I can therefore imagine that the same thing will happen even though I hope it can be stopped before what no one wants, Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen.
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Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen encourages the Prime Minister to take a preventive conversation with the ambassadors of the Arab countries, so that they can help to stem the escalation of the situation.

  • He must explain to them his stand; he denies the racist statements, but that freedom of expression enjoys far-reaching protection, he says.

He believes that the politicians themselves are responsible for the fact that types like Rasmus Paludan can now be allowed to express themselves blasphemously, which in the past was illegal.

  • The responsible politicians who have abolished the blasphemy law must look themselves in the mirror. They have paved the way for the pangs that are now emerging, says Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, who believes that it is hypocritical that politicians have abolished the blasphemy law and introduced a law against hate preachers.

PET has written to Berlingske the following:

‘PET obviously follows the development of the terrorist threat to Denmark and Danish interests abroad closely. The current demonstrations do not change the level of the terrorist threat, which remains serious. The Danish authorities are following the situation closely. ‘

Police Union: We have a completely new situation Federal President of the Police Federation Claus Oxfeldt is ready in the case if Rasmus Paludan is entitled to be appointed.

  • Then we have a completely new situation. For then it is democratically decided to hold electoral meetings. So even though I have previously argued that he might abuse his freedom of expression, it would be a completely different situation as a parliamentary candidate.

Rasmus Paludan is the leader of the new anti muslim party Stram Kurs (Strict course). The party must reach approximately 20.000 voter declarations to become officially eligible for the coming parlament elections in Denmark within the next 2 months. Until now it looks realistic that Stram Kurs will reach the 20.000 voter declarations and thus run for a seat in the danish parlament.

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