BREAKING: demands danish foreign secretary jeppe kofod to step down after sexual relation with 15 year old girl

The danish party Alternativet is demanding Foreign Secretary Jeppe Kofod to step down after having a sexual relationship with a just 15 year old girl, during a Social Democratic event back in 2008.

As we described here last year, when Foreign Secretary Kofod was promoted to Secretary of Foreign affairs of Denmark, the story of his misconduct or misjudgement wasn’t an obstacle for him to become Denmarks Foreign Secretary.

But now winds of change is heading against the former EU parlament member according to EB. The danish party Alternativet is demanding his resignation.

The Alternative’s equal right spokeswoman Franciska Rosenkilde says:

We believe it is deeply problematic, that a man with such a lack of judgement, who had a sexual relationship with such a young woman, is promoted Foreign Secretary. Mette Frederikgsen (Prime Minister,Red) is legitimizing a norm which makes it okay to act in this manner. If we want to get to the root of the problem and are serious about it, we have to show consequence to such behavior

Another member of the party Radikale, which are a part of the governments parliamentary basis, said that if the party was a part of the government, Mr. Jeppe Kofod would never have been allowed to become Foreign Minister with sort of behaviour.

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