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Every Buzzfeed-reading lib who immediately dismissed reports about the real provenance of SARS-CoV-2 as just another White House smoke bomb should take note: UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, the man who is Britain’s de jure leader while Boris Johnson convalesces, just backed Trump up.

During a press conference on Thursday evening, a reporter asked Raab about Trump’s comments and the Fox News report claiming the virus leaked from a biosafety level 4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, likely when an employee was accidentally contaminated. We’ve been raising questions about the virus’s provenance and sharing this ‘conspiracy theory’ for months – we were even deplatformed for it – now, Raab believes that Beijing should furnish an explanation.

Raab replied to a reporter that the UK and the rest of the global community will need to “ask hard questions about how it came about and how it couldn’t have been stopped earlier.”

Because that’s the real point: if these claims are indeed accurate, this would almost certainly prove that instead of focusing on containing the virus, Beijing panicked, proceeded with an (ultimately botched) coverup, and then unleashed an unprecedented plague upon the world, including its own people. Even now, China insists it responded immediately and swiftly once authorities finally realized what was going on (a process that took nearly the entire month of December and most of January), a claim that has been backed up by the WHO.

Britain and its allies will ask tough questions of China over the coronavirus outbreak, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Thursday, adding “we can’t have business as usual after this crisis.”

“We’ll have to ask the hard questions about how it came about and how it couldn’t have been stopped earlier,” Raab said at a Downing Street press conference when asked about future relations with Beijing.

Raab also announced plans to extend the UK’s near-complete lockdown for another three weeks at Thursday’s press conference, and discussion about how the country would get on during this time took up most of the press conference. But readers can watch the whole thing below:

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