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This is the Blueberry Markets Review you’ve been waiting for.


I’ve dug into dozens different Forex trading brokers, and only one came out on top.


If I was not American, and could trade wherever I wanted to, I would trade on Blueberry Markets.


And now that I’ve revealed my winner, Blueberry Markets was kind enough to give my readers a sweet bonus you will not find anywhere else.


Some people have affiliate bonuses they’re allowed to give out, but not like mine.


Blueberry Markets took one look at my Podcast and YouTube channel, and said “we want to be on board”, and they sweetened the pot quite nicely.


The link for the bonus is at the bottom and on the Brokers tab of my site, but take a quick look at this review and find out just why you should be on board as well.


Banned Countries


But first, let’s make sure you are allowed to trade here.  Americans are not allowed here of course (I will have one for you guys coming very soon), but here are the other countries who cannot trade with Blueberry Markets.


This is not due to the broker, but moreso the regulations in your country.  Don’t hate the player.


These countries cannot trade with Blueberry (In alphabetical order)















North Korea


Puerto Rico



Sierra Leone



South Sudan

Trinidad and Tobago








The minimum real money deposit to get the bonus provided at the bottom is $1000.


Are you still good?


If you are not, I have my second favorite broker here.


But if you do still qualify, read on my friend.


The Big Three


I asked my readers, subscribers, and the No Nonsense Forex Discord forum what were the main things they wanted in a broker?


It always kept coming back to these three things:


  1. Ease of use – Don’t make my trading difficult
  2. Customer Service – When there’s a problem, fix it, fix it quickly, and with a native English speaker!
  3. Safety – Don’t do something stupid and lose my money


If you have these things, do you really need anything else?  I personally do not.


I already know how to trade, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t go learn from my trading broker, I’d go somewhere that specializes in teaching me how to trade, and if I want to learn strategy, there are amazing channels for that as well.


I also don’t need or want a bunch of news feeds or Analysts coming in and distracting me from my trading.  I’m a technical analysis specialist, and I avoid news whenever I can.

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Just do those above three things, and do them better than everybody else does.  Do this, and you have my business.


Enter Blueberry Markets.


The Google Of Forex Trading Brokers


Remember when going to a search engine was more of an annoying experience than it was anything?


In some ways, it still kind of is.


Ridiculous ads everywhere and stories you don’t care about.  Shady websites that knew how to game the system.  A bunch of tabs we never used.


Then Google came along — and gave us exactly what we wanted the whole time.


No bells, no whistles, just a clean experience and did what they did far better than anyone else.


When they first started, it was a bit scattered, but they brought in the top minds and improved on what was already the best search engine out there.


This is exactly how I, and so many others see Blueberry Markets.


Daily market analysis by a bunch of “experts”? – NO


Proprietary Trading Platform with a huge learning curve behind it? – NO


Lightning fast MT4 platform where I can do all of my charting and trading all at one time? – YES


MT5 if I want it? – YES (It’s an option on their application)


If I ever do have a problem, somebody who speaks my own language even better than I do, who understands my problem, and solves it right away via Live Chat or Phone? – YES






Most people I talked to had issues with their brokers, and it almost always came down to ease of use and customer service, and I felt the same way.


Give me a broker who never has issues come up in the first place.  Blueberry Markets does that.  But if there ever IS an issue…..


The absolute LAST thing you want is a technical issue with your own money on the line, and you can tell right away that the customer service rep has no idea what’s really going on.


Sound familiar?


This has happened to me one too many times.


I’m taking steps to take my trading offshore, and when I do, this is where I’m going.


Many others agree.


Is This Even Real?


The ratings for Blueberry Markets are off the freaking charts.


Remember, most people who go rate things do it because they’re unhappy and want to vent.


And still, this broker absolutely murdered it in the two biggest ranking sites for Forex brokers.


Game Over


5 Stars on Forex Peace Army AND Trustpilot?  Unheard of.


I’ve scour review sites for every broker I research.  Peace Army and Trustpilot are where ALL the shitty, unhappy, it-was-probably-their-fault-anyway malcontents go to give their reviews.

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You never get the 5 star double from these two sites.  Unless you’re Blueberry Markets.


You can read the Trustpilot here, and the Forex Peace Army reviews here.


Notice how people are raving about the ease and the great service?  Told ya.


You will also notice people keep raving about a guy named Ben Clay.  More on this in a bit.


Blueberry Markets is that restaurant most people haven’t heard of, but has a line out the door every single night and has every single food blogger going crazy with excitement.


And I’ve got your ticket for what amounts to a free meal and personalized chef at the bottom of this blog post.  Don’t forget.


Safety Matters – Bigtime


In case you’ve already forgotten, safety was one of the top 3 desires for the traders I spoke with when it comes to choosing a broker.


Blueberry Markets is an ECN broker, which many traders prefer, but the only concern people have here is because of what happened to FXCM years ago, who was also an ECN broker.


I addressed this in a podcast episode, you can read the accompanying blog post here,


But in a nutshell, the FXCM debacle had nothing to do with them being an ECN, and everyone’s account was safe in the end.


You really want to stick with large and medium sized brokers when it comes to safety.


Being heavily capitalized and well-backed is supremely important.


Blueberry Markets fits the medium-to-high range as far as capitalization, but to make them bulletproof here, they are also backed by an even larger firm, EightCap, out of Melbourne.


Regulated in Australia, which is great.  Any broker regulated out of the US, UK, Australia, Singapore or regulated by a large governing body like ESMA or CySEC is going to give you fantastic protection over your trading capital.


I’ve heard horror stories from traders who took a blind risk on small companies regulated in places like Russia, Malta, and the Isle Of Man, and had their entire account frozen and/or lost.


As long as you’re wise enough to go the smart route instead of the other, you’ll be just fine here.




Traders use the MT4 platform (or MT5 if they want) to chart and trade.


MT4 is by far the easiest to use, and has the biggest catalog of trading indicators, which we here at No Nonsense Forex LOVE.


Some of the indicators which took me from break-even trader to pro can only be found on MT4.

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Trading on MT4 is very easy.  Some people prefer other methods, which I get, but when it comes down to it, to be able to trade directly from my charts is a freaking luxury, especially if I’m trading form my mobile device.


When you don’t spend money on proprietary platforms and whizbangs and doodads people don’t need, you can funnel that money into the platform you DO have, and into the best Customer Service in the business.


And when it comes to the people reading this blog, “best” now becomes “personalized”.


Your Bonuses


I’ll be frank.  People with large followings like me have the power to push for a better deal than other people get to offer.


So that’s what I did.


And now you get to benefit from it.


If you click my link below, and only if you do, this is what you will get, on top of what Blueberry Markets already provides better than anyone else.


1)  A 10% Credit Bonus — I don’t know how these things work (as an American, I’m not actually allowed to trade money here), but you will only get it if you sign up through the link at the bottom.


Call Blueberry Markets for more details on this.


2) You get Ben Clay as your own personal concierge — I’ve never seen anything like this happen before.  Ben Clay of Blueberry markets will be your personal go-to with any issues getting started or along the way.


No more worrying about getting somebody on the line who speaks fluent English and hopefully understands your issue.


You’re getting Ben himself, all the time.  A native Aussie, who is available for you, personally, 16 hours a day.  But again, only if you click my link at the bottom.


I told him how big my following is, and he said he was ready for it.


Here Is The Link


You get a broker that everybody loves.


A sign up bonus


And never have to worry about customer service again, because you now have your own personal guy on the other side.


But only if you click HERE.


It is of course an affiliate link, as they always are.  But this offer does not exist anywhere else.




I’m one guy with an opinion, but I do what others don’t — by doing a decent amount of preliminary research the best I can before recommending.


Plus, brokers know I have a following and want to work with me, so I can also score you better deals.


It’s a nice combination, I gotta say.  But in the end, I hope whichever path you choose works out fantastic for you.


Get it.



— VP