Joe Biden’s National Press Secretary, TJ Ducklo, just gave a trainwreck of an interview on Fox News – where he shifted between anti-Trump talking points and backpedaling defensively over simple questions, such as Biden’s reliance on teleprompters, and what the former VP would have done better than Trump in terms of COVDI-19 response.

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment was when host Bret Baier asked Ducklo a simple question over Joe Biden’s use of teleprompters that goes back to at least July:

Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews, or to answer Q&A with supporters?” asked Baier, to which Ducklo launched into a defensive tirade – accusing Baier of parroting Trump campaign talking points, and “trying to distract the American people.”

Baier asked two more times to “answer the question,” while Ducklo deflected – scolding the host and accusing the network of ‘funneling Trump campaign questions.’

Ducklo has been answering questions over Biden’s teleprompter use since at least July – when he said the notion that the former VP is using them to answer questions is “laughable, ludicrous, and a lie.

Yet, here he is earlier in the week doing just that:

Last week, Biden read teleprompter cues on multiple occasions.

Earlier in the interview with Ducklo, Baier asked what Biden would have done differently in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic – since a new campaign talking point is that President Trump mishandled the virus, the Biden spox went into defensive overdrive – robotically barking anti-Trump talking points without actually answering the question.

Watch the full interview here:

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If Biden’s National Press Secretary can’t answer simple questions without deflecting, how will the former Vice President perform in a debate? And as some have half-joked (or not), will Biden even show up?

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