Update (1555ET): CNN just confirmed that Biden has called Karen Bass to tell her she won’t be the pick.

So that’s one down.

* * *

Update (1550ET): Things are changing fast heading into Tuesday evening on the East Coast, and for whatever reason, Kamala Harris has suddenly surged into first place on PredictIt’s online gambling market.

Is it possible that somebody in the know is frontrunning the announcement? It’s possible, but then again, we couldn’t say for sure, and it’s also possible that this is a genuine bet on Harris, who is still widely considered one of the most – if not the most – likely picks.

Of course, going all-in on the “crime bill” ticket means Biden’s team has apparently signed off on a shift to the center, the classic coming of passage for Democratic  presidential candidates after cementing the nomination. Harris’s tough on crime reputation, stemming from her crackdown on truancy as a DA that led to many young people being introduced to “the system” for the first time. And once you’re in, it’s impossible to escape (unless you stop committing crimes).

Though with crime rates soaring in some of the country’s biggest cities, it could also be an acknowledgment that the public is genuinely worried about crime despite some progressive columnists decrying Fox News’ coverage as ‘Fake News’. At the end of the day, the statistics and the videos are undeniably real.

Harris supports a financial transaction tax, which could be bad for markets.

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Update (1517ET): The New York Times is now reporting that Biden won’t release his VP pick today, after reporting exactly the opposite just an hour ago.

The NYT is now reporting that there is no event scheduled for today. That prompted a flurry of jokes about the elderly former VP’s memory.

If this were Trump, the NYT would be reporting “Trump Campaign In Chaos”.

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With the decision reportedly already made, analysts are looking for the signal in everything from flight records to official schedules to wisdom of crowds in the form of political betting markets, which are now pricing in Susan Rice as the most likely pick, edging out “Copmala” Harris.

Will Susan Rice finally get the wedding of her dreams?

Is ordering a drone strike essential foreign policy experience? 


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CNN is reporting that Joe Biden (or rather, his handlers) have officially selected his running mate, in the latest fit of DNC kayfabe.

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, has selected his running mate, revealing to top advisers on Tuesday the woman he will invite to join his ticket, two people familiar with the matter tell CNN.

The announcement could come as early as Tuesday.

Meanwhile, President Trump said Tuesday during a freewheeling interview with Fox Sports Radio that Biden “roped himself into a certain group of people” by promising to pick a black woman for his VP, and that “some people” might argue that Biden’s decision is offensive to men.

“Some people would say that men are insulted by that. And some people would say it’s fine. I don’t know,” he added.

Via Zerohedge