Betty Ann Lussier — Central Intelligence Agency

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The Intrepid Woman

“After months of interviewing, conniving, scheming, here I was on the threshold of departure for the war. Was I frightened? After my hazardous childhood on the farm, dealing with runaway mule teams, overturned wagons, raging bulls, and machinery that collapsed on top of my body, no, I was not frightened, but yes, I was curious, elated, and open to a new adventure.”

~ Betty Ann Lussier from her autobiography, “Intrepid Woman: Betty Ann Lussier’s Secret War, 1942-1945”

Betty Ann Lussier was a fiercely independent, hard working, adventurous woman with a craving for excitement and a compassion for humanitarian issues. She grew up on a dairy farm and learned to fly a plane at the young age of 16. When she was 20, she boarded a ship to England to fight the Nazis. She became a successful counterintelligence agent with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and married one of the wealthiest men in Spain. She socialized with Ernest Hemingway and Ava Gardner and later worked for the United Nations. She also authored several books.

Betty personified the ideal OSS agent. She was strong-willed, intelligent, self-motivated, brave, dedicated, and driven.

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