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Sen. Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, according to a statement from the Vermont Senator.


“I wanted to just let everyone know that in a half hour I will be publicly announcing the suspension of our campaign. needless to say this is a very difficult and painful decision for me.” “There is no alternative”


That’s right – it’s for real this time…last time Sanders purportedly suspended his campaign, the reports were immediately denied, and it was later determined that the announcement was due to a wire service error.

The decision comes a day after the Wisconsin Primary, which went ahead despite an attempt by Gov. Tony Evers to delay the vote until June that was quashed by the state’s Supreme Court (despite the fact that more than a dozen other states have delayed votes since the COVID-19 crisis began).

Bernie’s departure from the race makes Biden the presumptive nominee, and will save a lot of people the trouble of voting in the remaining primaries, potentially saving lives from COVID-19.

At this point, Biden has a solid lead over Sanders, and the momentum that his campaign had shown just a few months ago has been completely squandered.

And with the coronavirus now the major issue, Biden can relax at home instead of beating the bushes for votes in swing states across the country since the only thing that matters now is whether Trump can get the economy open again by June.

Now Bernie can enjoy some well-deserved “me time” after spending the last two years battling for the proletariat: the Senate is currently suspended, though they might be called on to vote once the next coronavirus installment is ready.

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All told, Bernie Sanders will still be remembered as an anti-establishment legend who almost single-handedly revived the passion for socialism among white guilt-ridden middle class college students and recent grads across the country. He went from long-shot outsider whose quiet campaign announcement in the summer of 2015 garnered little attention at the time, before a groundswell of public support helped make him a serious threat to Clinton.

The former Secretary of State clearly still holds a grudge for the embarrssment she suffered at his hands.

Now all of their parents can breath easy, knowing that they will be safe (hopefully) from confiscatory tax rates. Now if only junior would stop it with this silly “social organizing” obsession and finish those law school apps..