Wang Bingnan,vice-minister of commerce, addresses the Agenda for 2020 Beijing CBD Forumon Sept 6 in Beijing. [Photo by Jiang Xingguang/]

What do you think are the most promising industries for developing the central business district (CBD) of the future?

According to a newly-released white paper focusing on global CBD attractiveness, the three top-ranked industries are financial services, professional services and science and technology. The document was recently unveiled at the Agenda for 2020 Beijing CBD Forum, held at the Asian Financial Center in Olympic Park in Beijing.

Themed “Pursuing greater synergy of international elements toward a world-leading CBD”, the Agenda for 2020 Beijing CBD Forum attracted dozens of guests from various fields, including politics, business and academia.

Thierry Delmarcelle, chief strategy and innovation officer at Deloitte Asia Pacific, released the white paper and gave a keynote speech highlighting its main points.

Via China Daily

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