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In his first Friday prayers sermon in more than 8 years, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the IRGC will seek revenge against the US and take their fight beyond Iran’s borders.

That the Ayatollah picked now for the sermon is hardly a surprise: The Iranian public is furious at the regime for its botched downing of a Ukrainian passenger airliner filled with young Iranian students traveling back to college abroad. Many even suspect that the regime’s tepid public retaliation for the killing of General Qasem Suleimani has also helped undermine it, according to Haaretz.

Going on the offensive, the Ayatollah attacked not only the US but the EU member states that once tried so hard to save the Iran deal after President Trump pulled the US out. He assailed President Trump as a “clown” who will “betray Iranians,” whom President Trump has claimed to support.

“These American clowns who lie and say they are with the Iranian people should see who the Iranian people are,” the Ayatollah said Friday.

President Trump infamously tweeted a message in Farsi directed at the Iran people last week.

However, Iran’s feelings about its one-time European counterparts have substantially soured over the last day after the UK, France and Germany decided to lodge a complaint Tuesday alleging violation of the JCPOA by Iran, depriving them of any right to claim the moral high ground.

Yesterday, Iran accused its former European partners of sacrificing a troubled 2015 nuclear deal to avoid trade reprisals threatened by President Trump.

The European complaint could worsen Iran’s economic pain by leading to UN sanctions being re-imposed.

“Resistance must continue until the region is completely freed from the enemy’s tyranny,” Khamenei said, in a reference to the US.

The Ayatollah also renewed his call for American and coalition troops to leave neighboring Iraq and the wider Middle East. Her also defended Iran’s Quds Force, which coordinates with regional proxies to support Iran’s interests, as a “humanitarian” organization.

“The fact that Iran has the power to give such a slap to a world power shows the hand of God,” said Khamenei, in a reference to the strikes, adding that the killing of Soleimani showed Washington’s “terrorist nature.”

“The Quds Force is a humanitarian organization with human values that protects people across the region,” Khamenei said. “They are fighters without borders.”

For those who couldn’t attend the Ayatollah’s little speech, a twitter account that has often been linked with the Iranian regime appears to have tweeted a lengthy summary.

FInally, Khamenei called for national unity following the tragic downing of UIA Flight 752. He said Iran’s “enemies” were celebrating the unfortunate error,  term usually used to refer to the United States and its allies, had tried to use the downing of Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 to shift attention from the killing of Soleimani.

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