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A strike on a Damascus home belonging to an Islamic Jihad official has killed the man’s son, in what appears to be part of an Israeli operation to assassinate leaders of the Palestinian militant group in Gaza and Syria.

Islamic Jihad issued a statement on Tuesday confirming the attack, identifying the official as Akram al-Ajouri. A separate missile strike reportedly hit a civilian building near the Lebanese Embassy in the western district of the capital that is home to Damascus University and several diplomatic missions.

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Multiple casualties in blast near Lebanese embassy as Syrian air defenses engage ‘hostile targets’ in Damascus skies (PHOTOS)

The group did not immediately accuse anyone of carrying out the strike, although it occurred shortly after an Israeli attack killed a top Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza.

Israel braced for retaliatory attacks after carrying out the strikes. Air sirens sounded in central Israel, warning of possible rocket attacks from Gaza.

Twitter users shared videos showing a rocket exploding right on the highway.

Videos posted to social media appear to show rockets in the skies above Israel.

In targeted areas, schools were closed and all non-essential work halted.

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