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I must state to begin with, so I don’t get into any trouble with any authorities, that while the headline above references “illegal immigrants,” in the story below that I am about to report, I have no idea whether the two Mexicans I hired were actually illegals or Stanford students in the U.S. on student visas picking up a little extra weekend cash.

Since they were freelancers who did work for me for just two hours, it does not appear that I was required to check their immigration status.

Here’s the story.

Because of the crash in rental prices in San Francisco, I am taking advantage of the situation and moving into larger spectacular new office space for a lower price.

This means I am moving all my books. I have a lot of books, boxes and boxes of them when packed (about 25 mostly hardcover books per box).

This weekend started the big move and so I headed down to the local Home Depot to hire a couple of the Mexicans who hang around the store parking lot looking for odd jobs.

I am roughly of average height, 5′ 11″, when I approached the Mexicans, the first thing I noticed was how short they are. When you really have a bunch of them standing around you, it becomes very noticeable as opposed to when you just pass them on the street. I would guess that the tallest among them was 5′ 7″.

I hired two.

This is what really surprised me.

As you can guess boxes of books are heavy. I can lift one and carry it without struggle but it is heavy. I can carry two at the same time and it is going to be a bit of a strain but still doable if I am not carrying the boxes too far.

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I wouldn’t even attempt trying to carry three boxes of books.

The Mexicans carried three boxes for me from office to truck and then in reverse order, seeming without strain.

Their strength really surprised me.

Of course, as I expected they were hard-working, careful with the boxes and got the job done in no time.

If you need help with odd jobs, especially if strength is required, head down to your local Home Depot.

That is unless you are an immigrant hater–then I guess you can see if you can find a couple of college white boys to do the heavy lifting.