Reliable products of high quality have shown to be the way to success

A successful business is not measured in the number of customers they sell to, but in the number of recurring customers, as these are the greatest quality proof a company can have as a testimony of good products or service. .

KBM has had the same customers returning ever since they started the company in the 1970s due to an always high quality of their products. When KBM started their production of injectors in 1975, it was due to a lack of proper equipment on the EPS market. Earlier the company had worked as an agency distributing injectors for a large German production company, but as the products often broke Mr. Kjeld Bentzen, the founder of KBM, designed a new and improved model of the injector and began his own production in Denmark. An injector is a cylindrical piston that shoots EPS beads into either a shape mould. An example of shape moulding would be the Tom Dixon EPS chair. A chair that has been made by creating a chair-shaped mould, which was afterwards filled with EPS beads by using injectors.

Did you know that Tom Dixon has designed a chair of EPS?

In 1978, as a result of rising oil prices due to the second oil crisis, the company started producing EPS recycling machines too. This would become the beginning of a 40-year long journey for the KBM company continuously innovating and improving the injectors and recycling processes of the EPS, EPE, and EPP industry.

Image: KBM Injectorking VARIO with adjustable air volume

It is no surprise that the customers of KBM keeps returning, when their injectors are still in function after 30 years. Though besides the long-life span of their products, they manage to show the significance of their injectors as they are also help their customers save money on using the KBM injectors that have a low consumption of compressed air compared to other injectors. Further, a reduction in air consumption means a reduction in carbon emission. So not only does a company save money on using injectors with low air consumption, they also do the environment a favor.

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