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In my mind, there is nothing more inspiring than a younger person doing what they need to do in order to complete the mission. My guest, Anton from the community, has been a hustler and grinder since age 12. How much of a hustler and grinder? How about $50,000 sitting in his bank account by the age of 21… not $50,000 of debt, $50,000 of cash! If that doesn’t get you inspired and motivated, I don’t know what will. With all that being said, as ambitious of a person as Anton is, the market has been a huge battle for him. It’s a great thing to be ambitious, but sometimes the market will use that attribute against you and cause heartache. As a minor spoiler, Anton has battled the markets to become a consistently profitable trader, although, I’ll just say this… “all it takes is one”… let’s get to it!

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