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110 The Opportunity of Volatility with Alan Sheen of Dalton Street Capital – 1of2

“I learned everything I ever needed to know about systematic and quantitative investing even before I set foot in the field because systematic and quantitative investing, at the end of the day, is about discipline.” – Alan Sheen (Tweet)

Today on Top Traders Unplugged, I’m speaking with Alan Sheen, Founder and CIO of Dalton Street Capital. Alan has an interesting background in science and engineering, and also spent time in the military, which allowed him to later thrive in rules-based investing. He’s also the first Australian manager to be on the podcast. Listen in to today’s episode to learn about Alan’s journey from the Australian military to starting his own investment firm, why investors should look at volatility not as risk but as an opportunity, and what an investor’s own personal car says about their investment strategies.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Alan Sheen.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What Alan’s childhood was like in Australia
  • Why Alan studied aeronautical engineering
  • How Alan equates gas-turbine engines with robust investing
  • How Alan’s experience in the military helps him as an investor

“I was stunned when I came into the investment market and realized that the mentality was have a hunch, bet a bunch.” – Alan Sheen (Tweet)

  • How Alan was influenced by Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species”
  • Quantitative investment’s prevalence in Australia in the early ’90s
  • The influence the VIX Index had on Alan’s career
  • How Alan’s hedging strategy turned into a managed futures strategy

“What I’ve tried to explain to people is volatility is not risk, volatility is opportunity.” – Alan Sheen (Tweet)

  • Why Alan use an equity portfolio as collateral instead of cash
  • How volatility can be opportunity and a friend
  • How Berkshire Hathaway has benefited from a volatile market
  • The importance of an investment manager to personalize their hedge funds
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Connect with Dalton Street Capital:

Visit the Website: Dalton Street Capital

Call Dalton Street Capital: +61 2 8651 3489

“Humans, no matter how far we’ve evolved, no matter who we mate with, no matter how intelligent we think we’ve become, our behavior doesn’t change.” – Alan Sheen (Tweet)


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