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63. Start your day with personalized info meant just for you using Face Match. The Hub Max will welcome you with  a “Good morning” greeting and share your reminders, commute or an upcoming reservation when you walk up to the device.
64. Unsure about bringing the umbrella? Just say, “Hey Google, show me the weather.” 
65. Set aside quiet time before bed with Downtime, and the Hub Max will hold off on sharing notifications or responding to commands.  
66. Use Routines to streamline multiple tasks. Say “Hey Google, good morning” and Hub Max can control the lights, temperature, music or more all at once. 
67. Set up your personalized commute times and routes in the Assistant app. Then ask “Hey Google, how do I get to work?” and get real-time commute info. 
68. Got dinner ready, but no one’s in sight? Swipe down from the top of Nest Hub Max’s screen and tap “Broadcast” to call your family to the table through other Google Nest devices. 
69. You can also reply to a broadcast with a “Hey Google, reply,” followed by your message.
70. Getting ready for bed and want to dim the lights? Set up a routine and trigger it with something like “Hey Google, it’s nighttime.”
71. Never lose your phone again. Say “Hey Google, find my phone” and your Assistant will call your phone. 
72. Waiting anxiously for the spoils of your latest bargain hunting victory? With Face Match, see proactive notifications from your Assistant for upcoming package deliveries, right on Hub Max.
73. Use interpreter mode to have a conversation in real time, even when you don’t speak the language. Simply ask your Assistant, “Hey Google, be my Italian interpreter.”
74. Making weekend plans? Ask the Assistant to find restaurants nearby.
75. Head to the movie theater on a rainy day to catch the latest flick. “Hey Google, what movies are playing right now?”
76. Get help remembering things. Simply say “Hey Google, remember my passport is in my sock drawer.” Then next time you’re looking for your passport, just ask the Assistant and you’ll be reminded.
77. Stay on top of your portfolio with the latest information on individual stocks and the global market: “Hey Google, what is [stock] trading at?”

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