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When the weather’s so cold that simply breathing makes you wince, it’s time to accept that winter is a season best spent indoors.

With that in mind, it makes sense to make your home as cosy as possible, much like small animals do in autumn when they’re preparing their hibernation dens. But unlike those critters, we have the Internet so if you’re missing a few warming essentials, delivery is only a few days away.

From personal heating fans, weighted blankets and scented candles, there are plenty of ways to make your home a comforting haven. If you’re ready to go one better, there is something that will make cold mornings more bearable – a sheepskin rug.

While traditional ones are made from the skin and wool of sheep (surprise surprise), faux is just as fabulous. Plus, they come in all shapes and colours and are as good for throwing over chilly floors as they are for draping over your favourite chair, ready to envelope you in a delicious extra layer of warmth.

Synthetic sheepskin rugs are easy on the wallet too, with animal-free options for every budget.

We’ve rounded up some of the best to shop in our edit below.

Mordecai Handmade Shag Sheepskin Pink Rug

Dyed in a particularly pretty shade of dusk pink, this super soft rug will add a sense of decadent style to your boudoir.

Add a rug gripper underfoot to ensure it stays in place on solid or tiled floors.

£20.99 | Wayfair | Buy it now

Shop all sheepskin rugs at Wayfair

La Redoute Livio Large Faux Sheepskin Rug

This fluffy rug is perfect for anyone who likes the look of fur but not the idea.

This faux sheepskin rug, made from a mix of acrylic and polyester, will give you the same luxurious effect as the real thing.

£230 | La Redoute | Buy it now

Pink Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Cheap doesn’t have to mean tasteless. Remarkably, this acrylic-made sheepskin rug from Dunelm costs less than £20 but looks like one that costs four times at much. It’s just the sort of thing bloggers might use as a background for their shots – you know, just in case you wanted a new home accessory that also took your Gram game to the next level.

Available in three other colours if pink isn’t quite your thing.

£19 | Dunelm | Buy it now

Yaer Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Measuring 60 x 90cm, this luxe-looking rug looks far more expensive than its price tag. It offers a quick and easy way to update your interiors and is made from artificial wool, backed with soft white suede.

£11.89 | Amazon | Buy it now

Eleanor Handmade Shag Sheepskin White Rug

If you want to recreate bring a boutique hotel look to your home, this perfectly round arctic white rug is ideal for placing by the sofa or in the bathroom. It’s as soft as it looks and offered in two sizes: 60cm and 90cm.

£35.99 | Wayfair | Buy it now

Faux Lambskin Sheepskin Grey Rug

If you’re into all-grey interiors (looking at you, Hinchers), then this ridiculously soft rug is one to add to your collection of homewares. It’s washing and tumble dry safe, so it’s easy to clean when hoovering has done all it can for the 8cm pile.

£10.69 | Amazon | Buy it now

Argos Faux Fur Rug – 120x150cm – Natural

This XL rug is the perfect silky accent to cover large spaces like a living room. It comes with a non-slip backing, which is a good thing as you won’t be able to get kids or pets off the soft, warm fibres.

£47 | Argos | Buy it now

Dunelm Supersoft Faux Fur Double Pelt Grey Rug

Give your landing a simple yet oh-so stylish makeover with this long rug available now at Dunelm. With a pile that’s as lusciously as deep as a pound coin, the grey acrylic rug is an ideal neutral to suit a range of home decor palettes.

While you can’t chuck the 58cm x 176cm rug into the wash (it requires a professional clean) when positioned in high traffic areas away from exits, it should keep its look and colour for longer.

£24 | Dunelm | Buy it now

Asiatic Auckland Luxury Faux Sheepskin Pink Rugs

Coming home to this pastel purple rug might be the best part of your day. It comes in four sizes and the deep pile is the softest around. Lay it alongside your bed to warm your feet first thing.

£44.99 | Rugs Direct | Buy it now *On sale from £59.99

Next Faux Fur Rug

Crafted from nothing but polyester and acrylic, this sumptuous rug is marshmallow-soft. The fibres are especially snuggly, perfect for throwing on the sofa or laying at your bedside.

Choose from two sizes: 60 x 90cm or 90 x 120cm. Dry clean with a specialist only.

£35 – £70 | Next | Buy it now


For high quality and plush pile, Wayfair’s Mordecai Handmade Shag Sheepskin Pink Rug is our top choice. The size makes it perfect for styling in a range of ways, from simply laying by your bedside to throwing over the sofa for an extra layer of warmth when it’s cold out.

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